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Our Approach

The main focus and priority of our law firm is you, the client. An experienced attorney can make the difference and help you avoid or minimize the dire consequences of an adverse decision.

Our Principle

We deliver to you, our client, straightforward and honest counsel that you need and deserve. We never lead our clients on to false beliefs about their cases.

Full-Service Representation

We can be contacted at 718-337-8012. 24/7 for your legal needs. We offer interpretation of various languages for our non-native English speaking clients. 

About Kasen Law Firm

Over 40 years ago, our founding member, Lawrence M. Kasen, began practicing law to help individual Native Americans and tribes ply their way through the ever-complex field of Indian law and natural resources law to combat state and local governments and private enterprises seeking to infringe on tribal and individual Native American’s rights. He then went to work for boutique law firms to thwart large companies from stepping on the rights of individuals. Almost thirty years ago, Mr. Kasen formed his own law firm in Miami, Florida, eventually relocating to Charleston, South Carolina, which now boasts a second office in Flushing, New York, to defend and protect the rights and interests of its diverse U.S.-based and international clients. With the assistance of his law partner, Fang “Jessie Kate” Liu, and five associate attorneys, and a large supporting staff, The Kasen Law Firm, PLLC is proud to offer legal services in the practice areas of immigration law, criminal law, civil litigation, real estate law and landlord-tenant law. We are here to help you, our clients, pursue your interests.
what we are expert at

Legal Practices Area

Criminal Defense

We handle criminal defense cases in all local, state, and federal criminal proceedings.

Immigration Law

We offer full-service immigration law practice, navigating through the complex U.S. immigration process and exploring all of your options.

Real Estate Law

We offer a full range of real estate legal services, including providing legal advice on real estate issues, among other real estate services.

Civil Litigation

We offer high quality civil litigation services in state and federal courts in all areas of business law.

Personal Injury

If you were the victim of an accident, our law firm can help you explore your legal options in getting compensation.

Worker's Compensation

If you have been injured at work, you have the rights to pursue compensation by claiming workers’ compensation benefits.
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About Our Team

Our legal teams are composed of experienced and dedicated professionals. Together, as a team, we strive to provide personal attention and care to every single one of our clients, as well as exceptional quality and superb services.
what we are expert at

Why Clients Choose Us?

Clients who entrust their immigration, criminal law and civil cases to our firm are treated with dignity and respect, and properly navigated by accomplished and experienced attorneys who provide a hands-on and solution-based representation for our local and international clients. We are dedicated to achieving positive results for our clients.


Words From Clients

  • Lawyer is very professional. And the paralegal is helpful, always answer my questions. I came to US back to 2013, and my case was transferred from Los Angeles. The case got solved recently. Thanks for everyone in the law firm. You guys are working extremely hard!

    Leo Lu
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  • The Kasen Law Firm, PLLC is very nice firm and the lawyer is very good having the deep knowledge about immigration laws and rules. GOD bless this law firm in all respects. Thanks.

    Raj Thakur
  • I really appreciate what Kasen law firm helped for me. My husband retained the law firm to help me prepare the fiancée visa so that I can travel to US. The lawyer and paralegal gave a checklist to my husband to prepare all the documents that need. In addition, they helped us to check all the material and the forms very carefully to ensure that my case got approved in one shot. At that time I was in China, however, the paralegal add me through Wechat and answer my questions even if she is out of work. Finally I came to US and got married with my husband. Moreover, her attorney is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable.
    🙂 thank you so much! The Kasen law firm for helping me out!

    Guifang Hu
  • The kasen law firm has great experience. Thank the paralegal and the attorney and all of the people who work in the kasen law firm! Thank all of you help us pass the case. They have good attitude of work and really fast! Much appreciated!

    Li Ying
  • The best part of this firm is that everybody is very responsible. My immigration case is granted and I have introduced many friends to this firm, because the firm keeps its promise. BEAUTIFUL!

    Charlene Li
  • They are a reliable law firm, the paralegal and attorneys are responsible. They got wonderful attitude too. I will retain this law firm again if I needed in the future.

    Yun Meng
  • Nice place, solved my firms legal problems within a year.

    Cabinets Manufacturer
  • Thank you for the Kasen law firm, help my case. Their staff working hard and efficiently, help me solve my problem! I strongly recommend it! They are great law firm so professionally!

  • My friend highly recommended this lawyer’s building. I am very patient and professional to the client. I explained in detail the places I don’t understand and gave me very professional advice. I have been helping me to the end of the case. Thank you very much!

    HJ Shi
  • Good experience with this law firm. They help me solve my criminal charge within one hearing. My case got dismissed. They saved my career and future. I really appreciate of Kasen law firm. highly recommend!

    Edward Wang
  • Their people are nice and and their work are excellent job, people clear professional! Thank you very much! Solve my problem!

    Naiqin Ge
  • thank you for helping me pass the interview, I am so thankful for it. I totally recommend it to all my friends. their staff are so nice and professional!
    Just amazing!

    Luo Min
  • The lawyer and the paralegal are so professional , they work hard and have patience to help me pass my case. And finally I got good results. They have great experience and they have good attitude for customer service. Much appreciated!

    Meiyi Fu
  • This Kasen Law Firm, PLLC is very nice firm and the lawyer is very good having the deep knowledge about immigration laws and rules. I got the hearing granted, thank Kasen law firm. I had bad life experiences, I was very scared the future. But now, I have hope because Kasen law firm help me a lot. Great service and nice attitude.

    Louis Wang
  • the attorney and paralegal are very professional. every time when I have a problem or question, they always try to help me out or answer me asap. I know them for five years and I like them very much. if my friends need help, I will definitely refer them to here.

    Qiaolan Yuan
  • Very friendly service, definitely know how to take care of clients and making them feel comfortable and making them want to come back and do more business. Kasen law firm I give it 2 thumbs up

    Ahmed Cioffi
  • Kasen law firm well mannered, patient and educated I would recommend to a friend

    Victoria Sullivan
  • Thanks for for your all staff, they are so kind and pro, I think kasen is one of the best law firm in the flushing, I am so happy that I got my dream pass!

    Hai Li
  • Thanks for helping my friend, who I recommended to here. This firm help me 20year ago , I come back with my friends. Who need help! They are so pro and good people in here! Prefect!

    Qiao Su
  • My paralegals took really good care of my case; they will call me or text me whenever there’s an update for my case. Really professional! All the firm’s staff were really passion to me.

    Cuijie Wu

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