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Fang Liu, Esq.



As a twelve (12) year old child emigrating to the U.S. from China with my parents and three (3) younger siblings, I saw firsthand the substantial difficulties immigrants face when seeking to migrate through the ever complex and challenging U.S. immigration system.  Similar to my family, many of these new entrants do not speak any English when arriving in the U.S. and are foreign to the American culture and way of life in the United States.  These challenges left an enduring mark on my life and helped shape my career goal to make the immigration process more understandable and easier to navigate for aliens arriving at our shorelines.

Shortly after graduating from St. Joseph College in 2009, I began working as a paralegal for The Kasen Law Firm, PLLC, a full-service immigration and criminal law firm, and quickly advanced to the position of office manager, supervising more than twenty (20) support staff, inclusive of paralegals, bookkeepers and other support staff.  Never losing sight of my ultimate goal of assisting immigrants through the ever-changing immigration process, in 2015 I began pursuing my dream of becoming an attorney when I was admitted to the Touro College Fuchsberg Law Center as a first-year law student.  During this time, I continued to work full-time as an office manager at The Kasen Law Firm, PLLC and delved deeper into the subject areas of immigration law and criminal law, finally securing my law degree in 2019 and my admission to the New York State Bar in February of 2020.  Realizing the value of my service to the law firm and dedication to the pursuit of the law and our immigrant clients, I was made a member of The Kasen Law Firm, PLLC in February of 2020.

Now equipped with the requisite legal tools, I stand ready, willing and able to provide our clients with the best legal services in the fields of immigration law and criminal law.



  • Real Estate Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Immigration Law



BA, St. Joseph College in 2009

JD, Touro College Fuchsberg Law Center 2019

Admitted to the New York Bar since 2020

Admitted to the New Jersey Bar since 2020

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